+Radio FM Timeless by The Plus Audio - Grey

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Product Description:

Manufacturer:The + Audio

Compact and intuitive to use, THE+RADIO is a bluetooth FM radio ideal for rooms large or small, in formal or casual homes. It's easy to position by the bed, on the desk in a study, in a bathroom, or a kitchen work surface, making it the perfect design accessory for the home environment. It is designed to be 'living-friendly', for a global audience.

Elegantly designed in a range of complementary colours, THE+RADIO will enhance any room with its superior sound and style. Choose from 4 classic hues from our Timeless Collection or more vivid ones from our Colours Collection.

Universal access to its superior audio design is guaranteed through AM/FM radio and easy wireless connection to smartphones and tablets. Plug in further audio sources and connect headphones via convenient front-mounted mini-jack connectors. At the rear, a further mini-jack audio input is joined by a 12V power input to allow THE+RADIO to travel in cars and boats

There’s also an output for a matching speaker, supplied separately, which transforms THE+RADIO from an incomparably elegant mono system to a wider-ranging stereo design. In these significant ways, THE + RADIO adds up to more than just a radio.

Natural Voice Quality: enjoy the experience of listening to natural voice quality, without any noise disturbance.

Easy to use: just turn on THE+RADIO, rotate the dial and listen to your favourite music! There’s no need to read through an instruction manual - it’s so intuitive and simple to use.

The Tuning: the dial is at the heart of THE+RADIO. Simply turn to find your favourite AM/FM stations with perfect tuning.

Wireless Connectivity: simply connect your devices with Wireless connectivity, for a magical listening experience, of your choice.

Stereo Upgradable: upgrade you’re THE+RADIO to stereo for the perfect high fidelity audio experience.

Stereo Headphones: play your sound at night through stereo headphones connecting it to the front stereo jack.

Materials: THE+RADIO is tactile and beautiful. We have created it using the most carefully selected, high quality materials, for the perfect finish.

Warranty: THE+RADIO customer service is second to none. it comes with 2 years warranty and 60 days replacement.

Dimensions: Width: 21cm x Height: 14.5cm x Depth: 18cm