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Louis Poulsen Cirque Pendant Light Copper 15cm

Cirque 15cm Pendant Light by Louis Poulsen - Clara von Zweigbergk

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Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen

Designer: Clara von Zweigbergk

CIRQUE, the series was developed in cooperation with Louis Poulsen, inspired by a trip to Tivoli in Copenhagen. Tivoli is full of whirls and twirls - carousels, candyfloss makers and wheels of fortune. When an object spins round very fast, the colours merge and end up being perceived as horizontal bands of colour. All these impressions resulted in a vibrant design which unites unconventional colours and forms in a series of truly innovative lamps which will add both edge and charisma to their surroundings - both in daylight and when lit.

The new lamp series is equally suited for restaurants and bars, kitchens and dining rooms. A diffuse, downward light is reflected from the matt, white inside of the lamp, which is glare-free when hung at normal height.

Materials: Shield: Drawn aluminium

Dimensions: Diameter: 150mm x Height: 189mm

Supplied with a 3m cable.

Light Source: Max 1x25w E27

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