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Eva Solo Fireglobe Fireplace 64cm Diameter x 75cm High

Eva Solo Fireglobe Fireplace

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The FireGlobe fireplace enhances the beauty of the flames with its sculptural shape and is perfect for bringing together family and friends in the garden or on the patio. The fireplace not only creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere; it also provides ample warmth to dispel any chill on a cool summer’s evening, allowing you to stay outdoors longer and later.. When not in use, the fireplace can be moved to a new position depending on the sun, wind and weather conditions. Simply lift it up by the integrated handle. Please note that this piece is for outdoor use only and must be used with care.

The shape creates a shield against the wind.

A handle in the back makes it easy to move.

A grid in bottom ensures good ventilation.

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Black

Dimensions: Diameter: 64cm x Height: 75cm

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