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Hay Moire Kelim Rug Black

Hay Moire Kelim Rug - Black

£225.25 Regular Price £265.00
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Manufacturer: HAY

Designer: Hay

HAY's Moiré kelim is hand-woven in India from different combinations of coloured wool and features serged edges.

Available in four rectangular sizes in a variety of colour combinations.

Materials: Wool


Length: 200cm x Width: 140cm

Length: 240cm x Width: 170cm

Length: 300cm x Width: 200cm

Length: 400cm x Width: 300cm

Please note: Moire is a handwoven rug made of wool. The rug may need to be adjusted after unpacking to keep the original shape.

Care instructions: Vacuum on a low power setting. Absorb stains with a paper towel, damp with a cloth and mild detergent. Professional carpet cleaning when needed.

Hay recommends to use a rug pad under the Moire Kelim and to rotate the rug regularly.

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