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Skagerak Helios Steel Grill

Helios Firebowl by Skagerak

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Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions (Dimater x Height): 56 x 4

Helios Steel Grill transforms the firebowl to a small grill for cosy meals. When the grill is removed, the firebowl reverts back to an outdoor fireplace. Designed by VE2.


Thank you for choosing Skagerak’s new Steel Grill. The grill is made of stainless steel and the dimensions are adapted to our Firebowl, making it easy for you to make use of the coals after enjoying a fire. Naturally, the grill can also be used over ordinary barbecue coals.

Stainless steel

Do not let the steel touch the coals and do not place the grill on the firebowl until the flames have died down completely, as they might discolour the steel. Direct contact with ferrous materials and airborne particles (rust transfer) can also affect the stainless properties of the steel. For this reason, clean the grill immediately after use and store it indoors.


Clean the steel using hot soapy water. For more thorough cleaning, coat the steel with soft soap, let it sit for a few hours and then wash the grill with hot water. Stubborn burnt-on particles can be removed using a nylon scrubber, if necessary.

Warning: Never use steel wool on stainless steel as it can cause rust spots to form. For the same reason, use only cleaning brushes with brass bristles, never steel bristles.

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