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B&B Italia Joker Ceramic Vases

Joker Ceramic Vases by B&B Italia - Nicole Aebischer - Matt White External - Joker 40
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Manufacturer: B&B Italia

Designer: Nicole Aebischer 2007

A series of vases and bowls of various sizes including a tall vase a low vase and a bowl.

The internal is glossy white and the external colours are a choice of matt white, matt black, gold foil or silver foil.
Materials: glazed ceramic
Colours: internal: glossy white


Joker High Vase: Height: 44cm Width: 13cm Depth: 14cm

Joker Low Vase: Height:20.5cm Width: 23cm Depth: 23.5cm

Joker Bowl: Height: 10cm Width: 32cm Depth: 32.5cm

Please note that these vase must be ordered in multiples of 2 per colour, as this is how they are packed.

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