Kahler Urbania Lighthouse Kubis Discontinued

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Product Description:

The Urbania light house Kubis is inspired by the pulsating and creative vibrancy of the big city where life can always be found behind the glowing windows. Every single window in the Urbania candle holder is hand-carved, which gives all the light houses a unique look. Together with the other light houses from Kähler, you can create an entirely unique, small Urbania village with your own favourite tea candle holders in different sizes and design.

Recommendations and maintenance:

Candle wax stains on the product can be removed by pouring hot water over it. This will make the candle wax melt, and it will be easy to wipe off.

Use and safety:

Do not place the light houses on any flammable material.

Only use tea lights with foil and with a burning time of four hours.

Always place the candle in the centre of the light house to prevent the heat from the flame damaging the product.

To avoid the risk of fire, never cover the light houses.

Dimensions: Width: 70mm x Height: 160mm