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Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine Copper

Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine


The Appartamento is a compact espresso machine designed for environments where space is at a premium.

Rocket engineers optimised the chassis and layout of the internal components without compromising on the quality and features you expect from Rocket Espresso.

Comes with copper coloured circular side panel inserts.

Please note that this is a great espresso machine that is aimed at home enthusiasts. It is not suitable for someone wanting to make an easy cup of coffee, but rather someone looking for a new hobby and the thrill of trying to achieve coffee heaven.

It is not possible to plumb it in and if you are using it in a hard water area, we strongly recommend using bottled water - we personally like Waitrose Essential Water or Evian as they have a good mineral content that makes great coffee. Please note that if you use tap water and it causes to unit to break, the one year warranty does not cover damage caused by calcium build up.

Dimensions: Width: 274mm x Depth: 425mm x Height: 360mm including cup frame surround.

Heat exchanger boiler design

Boiler capacity: 1.8 Litres

Vibration Pump

2.9 Litre water reservoir

Wattage: 1200 W

Weight: 20kg

Warranty: 1 year - provided by Traders Coffee Limited. Covers parts and labour, but not damage caused by misuse or neglect, The unit item must have been cleaned and maintained as detailed in the instruction manual that comes with the machine.

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