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Stelton Original Flower Watering Can 1.7ltr

Stelton Original Flower Watering Can 1.7ltr
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In 2020, Stelton celebrates 60 years of design, and in connection with this, the company will relaunch its timeless and classic Original flower watering can, designed by Peter Holmblad in 1978.

The watering can’s elegant and sculpted design combines aesthetics and functionality in the best way possible, resulting in a watering can that can double as a decorative item. The long, thin spout makes it easy to water even the smallest pots without spilling, and the intelligent design eliminates the risk of dripping.

The relaunch of the beautiful watering can is also a tribute to Peter Holmblad, the designer behind the Original product series – one of the cornerstones of Stelton’s design DNA.

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 33 x 24,5 cm x 13 cm Volume: 1,7 litres

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