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Vitra Eames Elephant Small Palm Green

Charles Ray & Eames 1950 Eames Elephant whether used as a toy or a decorative item in a children's room - this friendly-looking animal with its distinctive over-sized ears is bound to bring cheer and enjoyment to many a child's and parent's heart.

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Manufacturer: Vitra

Designer: Charles & Ray Eames 1945

This is an original genuine Vitra piece.

Almost no other animal enjoys such popularity as the elephant. Admired for its majestic size and loved for its proverbial good-humour it is part of our everyday experience as a child's cuddly toy a storybook character and a majestic creature. Charles and Ray Eames also succumbed to their charms and in 1945 designed a toy elephant made of plywood. However it never made it into mass production. The Eames elephant is now available in a plastic version for those it was originally intended for: children.

A scaled-down version, the Eames Elephant (Small) made of robust plastic, can be used as a child's toy or as a decorative object, whose friendly face adds a charming note to any setting.

Materials: Dyed-through polypropylene, matt finish.

Dimensions: Length: 390mm x Width: 175mm x Height: 210mm

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