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Wilfa Uniform Electric Flat Burr Coffee Grinder SIlver

Wilfa Svart Uniform Electric Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

Special Price £274.50 Regular Price £305.00
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A beautifully designed electric grinder with a high quality burr, the Wilfa Uniform Grinder ensures you can create cafe-quality ground coffee in the comfort of your home or office.

41 settings: from coarse to real espresso

58 mm large flat burr grinding for even grinding

Metal container for less static coffee

Automatic stop sensor when coffee beans is empty

Stainless steel colour

Dimensions: 29cm Height x 15cm Diameter

Please note that this grinder is designed predominantly to grind for filter or hob top coffee. Whilst it does have an espresso setting it is only really recommended for occasional espresso use. If you wanted an Espresso grinder then the Rocket Faustino is a more appropriate machine.

Whilst the quality of the grind is better than the cheaper Wilfa Svart Precision grinder it is considerably slower, and whilst this is one of the reasons for the better quality, you should be aware that it is slower. If you watch the video by James Hoffman it will give you a great overview of the grinder. Please note that the model he reviews is the one with the integrated scales, but as these do not work as well as say the Felicita ones we decided to go with the grinder only option. If you wanted the combined version then please contact us on [email protected]

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