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iittala Aalto Vase 95mm White

Aalto 95mm White Glass Vase by Iittala

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Manufacturer: Iittala

Designer: Alvar Aalto

Legendary shape. Alvar Aalto created the Aalto vase in various shapes sizes and colors for Iittala and the World Fair in Paris in 1937. Supposedly it is based on sketches made with the intriguing pseudonym The Eskimo Woman's Leather Breeches but Alvar Aalto was the son of a cartographer - perhaps the shapes are derived from the Finnish landscape and lakes. As is typical with a great work of art the shape has been reinterpreted ever since. Alvar Aalto would never demonstrate how his glass objects should be used but wanted the user to decide. This freedom to interpret the origins and function may be what has helped keep the Aalto collection so contemporary and fresh. Pieces can be displayed as a group or as a single exclusive work of art a pleasure to own or to give as a present.

Size: Height 95 mm

Material: Mouth-blown glass blown into a cast-iron mould

Colour: White

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