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Design Trend - Quiet Luxury
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Design Trend

Quiet Luxury

As in the world of fashion, the trend for ‘quiet luxury’ is being mirrored in the world of interior design.

In the same way that a wardrobe of good quality clothes is assembled around key staple items within home decor their is a current strong emphasis towards investing in classic pieces. Choose pieces that you can build a room around, designs that you love, that are timeless, in classic shapes that can have many lives as a home evolves.

Pared Back

The trend is not about being blingy or flashy, it is about creating a sophisticated collage of luxurious, soft textured fabrics, warm rich woods and blending finishes. We are currently seeing many brands using stone and marble to manufacture furniture and accessories within their collections, by playing with mixed textures and finishes you can add much depth to a scheme. Try incorporating vintage lighting styles and selecting pieces that will develop a patina over time, this will add much life to a room.

Tone on Tone

Fashion has embraced ‘latte dressing’ and likewise we are seeing tone-on-tone in home decor in, layering a single hue within a space with an emphasis on quality, texture and material is a classic way to create a timeless interior.

“The subtle sophistication of mixed materials in a room conveys a collected interior with personality”.