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Flos White Edition 2097
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Flos White Edition 2097

Gino Sarfatti’s 2097 masterpiece, a chandelier designed with a minimalist approach was originally created in 1958. Taking inspiration from the traditional aesthetics and ornamental elements of typical Venetian chandeliers, Sarfatti played with the original idea and then stripped back its design to create a chandelier in a modern and very original way. His starting point in his basic interpretation of the design is a central steel tube to house the technology and provide structure for the radial brass arms which would hold each lightbulb. Sarfatti’s design revealed what old chandeliers used to hide under their droplets of faceted Murano glass. In his design the technology became the ornament, each wire forming the classic outline of a chandelier shape.

The use of very small bulbs, available for the first time to Sarfatti, created a modern solution and similar overall effect to traditional chandelier candles. Originally created with 18, 30 and 50 bulbs this simple and beautiful design is now also available in a 75 bulb version for more impact in interior applications as seen in Milan back in April. Lighting brand Flos, who acquired the design from Arteluce in 1973, have also issued a matte all-white version, The Flos White Edition an interpretation Sarfatti created himself in his Arteluce studio. The new white edition of the 2097 connects Sarfatti’s modern and minimalist approach to the chandeliers design and to its installation in contemporary settings today.


Pics©Adrianna Glaviano.



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