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Skagerak Georg Stool Oak

Georg Stool by Skagerak

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In a warm meeting between Nordic sensuality and Japanese minimalism, Georg Stool strikes a solitary pose. Georg’s DNA is characterized by its slender wooden poles and rounded edges – crafted from light FSC-certified Oak.

A braided leather strap keeps the soft, woolen cushion in place on the seat, fulfilling the material encounter of textile, skin and wood.

Oak FSC 100%

Dimensions: Width: 45cm x Depth: 32cm x Height: 45cm

Please note that as the wood is supplied untreated, it may be affected by grease and colorants. For this reason, we recommend saturating the wood with soap or a suitable furniture oil to make it more resistant. Be aware that the wood will change colour when applying soap or oil. There are three options: natural soap, white oil or natural oil. Natural soap will take gradually to build the resistant layer finish whereas the oils are more immediate. Please contact us if you would like more information on these finishes, which may be purchased via the links below.

Includes cushion and strap.

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