The Original is by Vitra

When a Vitra object arrives in a home, an office or a public space, it already comes with a long story. One of a designer who, in collaboration with Vitra, starts a seemingly endless development process, filled with trials and errors. One of a manufacturing attitude where the details are not the details, but what makes the quality of your new piece. And you take this tale forward, enriching it with the stories of your own space.

The story began in 1953 when Willi Fehlbaum, the founder of Vitra, discovered chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames on a trip to the USA and decided to become a furniture manufacturer.

He met the designer couple in person and developed a lasting friendship that has shaped the company ever since.

Over the past decades, Vitra has worked closely with some of the world’s most important designers and their descendants. These collaborations have led to the production of many classics: furnishings from another era that remain as timely and vital as ever and continue to move and inspire.

As a furniture manufacturer, Vitra maintains a close relationship with their designers – whom they refer to as authors – and the result of these collaborations is always an original.

In collaboration with Vitra, their designers dedicate their time, expertise and craftsmanship to the development and launch of new products.

Below are a few key products ranges that Vitra have classified as part of the The Original range. We are sure that they will add current models to these in the future, as they too become classics.

‘Way-it-should-be-ness. If an object is really well designed, the idea of it having been designed wouldn’t come up at all.’

Charles Eames

Invest in an original, for it will always retain its worth.

An imitation will never be anything but a copy, a stolen idea.

Appreciate the differences – not just the quality and more obvious variances but also the sensory and emotional appeal of the authentic product.

An original is a lifelong companion and may well outlive you to be gratefully received by the next generation.