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B&B Italia Bend Modular Sofa Configuration BS020

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Upholstery - Blanket Stitch

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B&B Italia | B Grade Fabrics | Bellano (Interliner)
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448100
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448102
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448111
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448150
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448153
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448200
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448203
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448371
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448379
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448411
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448420
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448440
  • BB B Grade Bellano 2448711
B&B Italia | B Grade Fabrics | Bormio
  • BB B Grade Bormio 2551102
  • BB B Grade Bormio 2551251
  • BB B Grade Bormio 2551258
  • BB B Grade Bormio 2551351
  • BB B Grade Bormio 2551470
  • BB B Grade Bormio 2551830
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B&B Italia | Bend | Zig Zag Contrast Stitching
  • BB Thread Beaver 02092
  • BB Thread Beige Camel 01003
  • BB Thread Black 01014
  • BB Thread Blue 01009
  • BB Thread Bluette 01035
  • BB Thread Bordeaux 01020
  • BB Thread Brick 01025
  • BB Thread Chocolate 01061
  • BB Thread Cyclamen 01052
  • BB Thread Dark Brown 01017
  • BB Thread Dark Grey 01013
  • BB Thread Fucsia 01053
  • BB Thread Green Bandiera 01054
  • BB Thread Havana 01007
  • BB Thread Light Blue 01050
  • BB Thread Light Violet 01057
  • BB Thread Light Yellow 01037
  • BB Thread Linen 02009
  • BB Thread Old Pink 01031
  • BB Thread Orange 01028
  • BB Thread Pearl Grey 01011
  • BB Thread Pink 01008
  • BB Thread Plum 01029
  • BB Thread Red 01021
  • BB Thread Sand Beige 02051
  • BB Thread Sella 01060
  • BB Thread Selva Green 01016
  • BB Thread Smoke Grey 01033
  • BB Thread Teal 01030
  • BB Thread Violet 01051
  • BB Thread Water Green 01050
  • BB Thread White 01000
  • BB Thread Yellow 01022

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Manufacturer: B&B Italia

Designer: Patricia Urquiola 2010

This piece is an original licensed B&B Italia piece.

Patricia Urquiola's has designed a surprising series of seats that transforms the traditional concept of the sofa. She has entitled the product Bend-Sofa due to its curvaceous albeit monolithic form. It gives the appearance of being manually moulded from a supple material as if by a sculptor. In practice it issues from a study of 3-D models and digital research. Bend Sofa effectively conveys the idea of motion by alternating full and empty spaces. Contrasting stitchings add to to the intrinsic design on the surface. The backrest is irregularly shaped but without compromising comfort.

Curved modules - assembled starting with the seats ottoman and corner elements - form a sofa that breaks out of the usual visual schemes and differentiates from other contemporary pieces on account of its calculated eccentricity. Bend-Sofa offers flexible composition solutions including small linear versions corner solutions or a spectacular (non necessarily domestic) version that can fill a space with double sided seating arrangements becoming the absolute centre of attention with its iconic presence.

Please note that Contrasting Stitching is available on certain fabrics and so please see the information sheet for more details.

These prices are based on Composition B021 that is shown in the line drawing opposite and has a total length of 428cm by a depth of 111cm / 187cm.

Throw cushions are not included in this price and can be purchased separately.