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String Shelving System 10 Beige

String Shelving System 10 Beige

Special Price £3,757.00 Regular Price £4,420.00
Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks
Made to Order

Please note that this item is classified as a Made to Order item.

Once we have received your order, we will contact you to confirm that you have ordered the correct item. Please be aware that once it has been confirmed it will not be possible to cancel it as the item will have been ordered to your exact specifications from our suppliers.

The string® shelving system was designed to fit any home and the people living there. all you have to do is consider what you like and you are ready to build a solution that suits you. take your pick between floor and wall panels and choose between a wide variety of shelves. shelves come in two widths and three depths and can be combined as you please. there are many rooms in a house but only one is called the living room. the string® system makes it easy to do just that.

Composition consists of the following components:

3x beige - floor side panel 200x30cm (2 -pack) SF20030-14-2

1x beige - wall side panel 50x30cm (1-pack) SW5030-14-1

1x beige - wall side panel 50x30cm (2-pack) SW5030-14-2

4x beige - shelf 78x30cm (3-pack) 7830-14-3

2x beige - shelf 58x30cm (3-pack) 5830-14-3

3x beige - chest/2 drawers 78x42x30cm LH7830-14-1

1x beige - chest/2 drawers 58x42x30cm LH5830-14-1

x2 beige - magazine shelf wood 78x42x30cm WM7830-14-1

2x beige - cabinet/sliding doors 78x42x30cm CD7830-14-1

2x beige - display cabinets 78x42x30cm VS7830-14-1

Materials: Powder coated steel and wood.

Available in all colours price on request.

If you would like a different configuration designing please contact one of our team.

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