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Vitra Embroidered Pillow Double Heart

Vitra Embroidered Pillow Double Heart - Alexander Girard, 1952

In his work, the architect and designer Alexander Girard paired motifs from folk art sources with abstract patterns. Many of his figures and patterns exude a cheery playfulness, and thanks to their vivid colours, even his simplest graphic images possess a high degree of differentiation. The Graphic Print Pillows are now bringing a number of these designs to life again: abstract graphics and expressive figurative motifs create striking accents.

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Manufacturer: Vitra

Designer: Alexander Girard, 1952

Along with his colleagues Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson, Alexander Girard was one of the leading figures in American design during the postwar era. While textile design was the primary focus of Girard's oeuvre, he was also admired for his work in the graphic arts as well as furniture, exhibition and interior design. Girard brought a sensuous playfulness to twentieth-century design that had been absent from the austere aesthetic of classic modernism.

Girard attracted special attention with his interior design of the legendary Miller House, for which he personally selected each individual object. The centrepiece of the house was a so-called ,conversation pit', a sunken seating area in the living room, with built-in sofas covered in fabrics by Girard and decorated with embroidered pillows made specifically for this setting. Pleasantly firm and elaborately stitched, the Embroidered Pillow features the motif ,Home Sweet Home', which was chosen by Vitra in cooperation with the Girard family from the vast store of textiles and motifs created by the designer.

Materials: Filling: duck half down. Fabric: Twill, embroidered.

Dimensions: Height: 400mm x Width: 400mm

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